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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} Xtra! is a gay internet magazine and former print newspaper published by Pink Triangle Press in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Printed on newsprint in tabloid format since its establishment in 1984, Pink Triangle Press announced on January 14, 2015 that the paper edition will be discontinued and the publication will continue in an exclusively digital media format.<ref name=digital>"Gay newspaper Xtra to stop printing, go digital only". Toronto Star, January 14, 2015.</ref> The final print issues of Xtra Vancouver and Xtra Ottawa appeared on February 12, 2015, while the Toronto edition's final print issue was published on the newspaper's 31st anniversary, February 19, 2015.<ref>"Gay publisher Xtra to embrace digital, close print". Xtra!, January 14, 2015.</ref>

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