::World War by Imprints of Happiness


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World War by Imprints of Happiness

So now in the media all around the world there is a global programming:

Graumans Chinese Theatre Imprints

People get their rights back.

That sounds good but is actually scary. It smells like Deja Vu.

The french think they too are going to get a president like Trump at the next election and they can’t wait.

So we are going into an age of the people?

Is the global elite giving up? Or are they making us think they lost.

They are giving the power back to the people.

In the U.K, in the U.S., soon in France.

It just came 25 years too late. That’s an entire generation.

So us the old ones are pleased, but the young think that fashism came back hard.

They want to raise the happiness level of people. That’s what the world elite is doing.

Because people are too morose.

Once they raise the happiness, they take it back little by little. It might take years.

It is likely that under Trump Americans will work more, and so the world.

It is likely that the Chinese are the biggest victims in so much joys in the world.

They don’t have a system that sells them freedom.

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