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Intro   WikiProject Military History introduction   DYK for Neuer Marstall   A barnstar for you!   DYK for Kugelbake   Otto Lessing   DYK nomination of Humboldt Box  DYK for Otto Lessing (sculptor)  DYK for Humboldt Box  DYK nomination of Borsig Palace  DYK for Borsig Palace  [[User_talk:Ultracobalt?section=_Talk:Dora_Trial/GA1_| Talk:Dora Trial/GA1 ]]   A barnstar for you!    Requests    Just saw your Kuhl link on the P'daele page    The Bugle: Issue LXXIII, April 2012    Precious   DYK for Stadtschloss, Wiesbaden  DYK for Hermann von Kuhl  Thanks   A kitten for you!   DYK for German National Library of Medicine  Journal of Banking and Finance  DYK for German National Library of Science and Technology  Wikipedia reliability  DYK for Coercive citation  DYK for German National Library of Economics  DYK for Baldin Collection  DYK for West German Audio Book Library for the Blind  DYK for Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei  [[User_talk:Ultracobalt?section=_Template:Did_you_know_nominations/Berlin-Brandenburg_Academy_of_Sciences_and_Humanities_| Template:Did you know nominations/Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities ]]  DYK for Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities   Principessa Mafalda   DYK for SS Principessa Jolanda  DYK for German Central Library for the Blind  DYK for University of Minnesota Libraries  DYK nomination of SS Principessa Mafalda  [[User_talk:Ultracobalt?section=_Nomination_of_University_of_Minnesota_Libraries_for_deletion_| Nomination of University of Minnesota Libraries for deletion ]]  [[User_talk:Ultracobalt?section=_Military_history_coordinator_election_| Military history coordinator election ]]   Another barnstar    WikiProject Military history coordinator election    Precious again    WikiProject Military history coordinator election    Nominations for the Military history Wikiproject's Historian and Newcomer of the Year Awards are now open!    Voting for the Military historian and Military newcomer of the year now open!    WikiProject Military history coordinator election   

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