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Intro   September 2015    Whatnot    Bored    Your 10 \"version 2\" move requests at about 01:01, 3 September 2015 (UTC)    Paintbrush   Disambiguation link notification for September 3  [[User_talk:Steel1943?section=_Google_pakistan_listed_at_Redirects_for_discussion_| Google pakistan listed at Redirects for discussion ]]  General comments   Earlier admin discussions   [[User_talk:Steel1943?section=_Admin_help_request_for_Module:Testtehshvghb_| Admin help request for Module:Testtehshvghb ]]   Relisted at RfD    Thank you    I don't get it    ANRFC    I INTENDED TO KEEP MY STUFF UP! \u00a9\u00a9\u00a9\u00a9\u00a9\u00a9\u00a9\u00a9\u00a9\u00a9WIKI ZACHARY   AE LARISSA FC   Template:Clear    Two logos in one article?   [[User_talk:Steel1943?section=File:Johnny_&_the_Dicks.jpg|File:Johnny & the Dicks.jpg]]   RE: Orphaned non-free image File:Memrise logo 2015, with cyan background.png    Making clear that there is no copyrights problem with Pkgdj.jpg    Fair use of File:Traquair 1938 Clinical Perimetry Chpt 1 p 4.png    File mover    File Information    Miscellany for deletion    \"Border\" on Typeeto logo.png    Admin assistance request    Doors_of_His_Face    You have been randomly selected to take a very short survey by the Wikimedia Foundation Community Tech team!    Opacity   [[User_talk:Steel1943?section=_Shaun_Muir_Racing_| Shaun Muir Racing ]]  [[User_talk:Steel1943?section=_File:Kubernetes_(container_engine).png:_opacity_| File:Kubernetes (container engine).png: opacity ]]   Recent \"non-free\" tagging   Question   Re: SVG non-free reduce    Bill Alexander (director)    Bill Alexander (director)    Bored?    Heading anchors    Deletion   

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