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Intro   Barnstar for you!    Nomination for deletion of Template:Location map Kingdom of Hungary    Weird transclusions    Parameter \"with\"    Accessdate    Platform Boxes    Invalid parameters    Duplicated parameters    Deprecated parameters    Infobox swimmer    CBB roster template    Inconsistency between Infobox football biography and Sport overview?    Infobox NFL coach merge/wrapper    Table in notes section   [[User_talk:Frietjes?section=__| ]]  Linking infobox colours   Infobox film issue   [[User_talk:Frietjes?section=_I_accidentally_undid_some_of_your_edits_to_{{Infobox_See}}_| I accidentally undid some of your edits to {{Infobox See}} ]]   Nomination for deletion of Template:TransAdelaide Stations    Ski hill template problem?    Cuisine templates    Wikicode change   [[User_talk:Frietjes?section=_{imagequote}_| {imagequote} ]]  [[User_talk:Frietjes?section=_Quirks_mode_| Quirks mode ]]  Request for Comment!   Request for help    PH wikidata    Category:Pages using small with an empty input parameter    You have been randomly selected to take a very short survey by the Wikimedia Foundation Community Tech team!    Color module for Tennessee Volunteers    Please add some parameter lists to dups/status page    Tracking category for new Persondata    Risk level of Module:College color/data    History question    A barnstar for you!    Nomination for deletion of Template:San Jose State Spartans women's basketball coach navbox    Infobox NFL coach    Module error?   

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