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Sunrise over the sea.jpg This user believes that the meaning of life is to live a happy life.
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My wikipedia editing has a tendency of spreading: I started with writing a dozen of full-length articles on materials science, then moved to other topics, mostly for the DYK project. These activities dragged me into reviewing articles (DYK, WP:GAN and occasionally WP:FAC) and eventually transformed me into a kind of wikignome – going around thousands of articles, cleaning up formatting and vandalism, adding references and figures, fixing typos and whatever caught my eye. As of 2014, most of my free time is taken by emergency matters like vandalism, though I still write short articles during calm hours.
Here are my [[User:Materialscientist/DYKs|]] and [[User:Materialscientist/Awards|]].

I enjoy finding good pictures for wikipedia (uploaded many thousands) and improving them with GIMP, thus I spend a significant part of my wikitime at Wikimedia Commons; I also draw crystal structures.

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