::USSR Reborn


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Bigger and stronger than ever before.


Flag of the Soviet Union
Coat of arms of the USSR

All as one, they are on top.

Our world they cracked.

Our ends they met, and didn’t like.

We can only surrender, with democraty.

Only throw the towel, to socialism.

The greast winner of all of our fights.

The greatest looser are our values.

In socialism, France grins, Hitler collapses.

Yet again, to be remembered.

As something, more than a great looser.

So let’s make Hitler, and the U.S.,

Monsters, so they survive.

In socialism, there is no more.

Individuality, but in the name

Of Russian values.

And in the name of.

China as one.

Long gone is the U.S. might.

Led by a bunch of girls, aspiring at nothing.

But to gather and influence.

The world favoring the Jews.

Invented by them.

And other secretive societies

As the Chinese and their Imports.

As the Chinese and their Emperors.

One day the U.S., remembered, like Hitler, by its followers.

Mourning the great days, for humans kind.

The all great conquerors of the self power.

And crediting us, the meritors.

Meritant of integrity.

And loyal to our being.

All united we shall rise again but with no country, but Israel.

The country where values still prevail.

And all Jews advocate

Cultural dilution in all states,

non Israel.

Now I will go, not as winner. But as one that saw it through.

Doesn’t make me richer, but it makes me alive.

As a man who differenciates

The moon from the sun.

Women should be revoked their right to vote.

Women should be revoked their right to get involved.

In politics and

Like in the Godfather, should be lied to.

Before they lie to us,

Strip lions from their maine.

They are not meant to rule, just influence.

Their man alone,

Even so, can be messy.

To get neutered for love.

Real love don’t need woman.

Just needs understanding, and listening.

Not a witch or a slut.

Let’s condemn Hillary, in getting us closer to arab states.

Not economically, but by their approach to women.

And Mao’s famous saying, that they just cause trouble.

As all they care about is gold and diamonds.

Jewish princesses, all princesses.

Like the killer of Kurt Kobain’s brain.

We are not consumers, no actors.

We are here to be as big as we can be.

So our children can survive.

In a world owned by a few.

And redistributed,


Based on lack of values,

Lack of commitments,

Lack of integrity.

What can I do but our values.

Immortalize with concepts.
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