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Donald Trump was elected to clean the pond, to build a border wall.

First Congress did not pass the proper budget to build this wall yet. Second Congress started a Special Council Investigation, headed by Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller just raided the President of the United States lawyer's office, Michael Cohen's office, as well as his lawyer's home This investigation's execution is effectively consuming the president executive time to get things done in the White House. The legislative has taken over the executive. And the Commander in Chief of the United States is wrapped up in Legislative affairs.

Who is the executive? Who is the legislative?

Obviously Trump is right in calling it a Witch Hunt. Fortunately for Trump, it will help him clean the pond more than we all dreamed for.

Let's get things clear with concepts.

Trump Witch Hunt sections
Intro  A global globalist background  Imperialism is democratic  Mueller's proble  Feds against Citizens  America is homeless  Total Control  Equality magnet  Putin is the good guy against Globalism  Israel lost control of the White House  Rich Jew Puppet State  Michael Cohen the common jew  Zionists are globalists  Make America Great Again is Change  

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