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Thiele is a surname that has been held by several prominent current and historical figures.

  • Alfonso Thiele (1922 – c. 1986), American Italian racing driver
  • Annekatrin Thiele (born 1984), German rower
  • August Thiele (1894–1967), Vizeadmiral with the Kriegsmarine
  • Bob Thiele (1922–1996), producer and record executive, who co-composed "What a Wonderful World", and discovered Buddy Holly and the Crickets
  • Colin Thiele (1920–2006), writer of popular children's stories, including Storm Boy
  • Dave Thiele (born circa 1952), Canadian politician
  • Edwin R. Thiele (1895–1986), missionary and archaeologist, best known for his Old Testament chronology
  • Fred Thiele (born 1953), American politician
  • Fritz Thiele (1894–1944), a member of the 20 July conspiracy to kill Hitler
  • Gerhard Thiele (born 1953), ESA astronaut and geophysicist, who was on the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission in February 2000
  • Georg Thiele (1881–1914), Imperial German Navy officer
  • Hans Thiele, Filipino professional basketball player
  • Hertha Thiele, German actress
  • Holger Thiele (1878–1946), Danish-American astronomer
  • Jacob Thiele, musician for the rock group, The Faint
  • Johannes Thiele (1860–1935), German zoologist, and curator of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin
  • Johannes Thiele (chemist) (1865–1918), chemist at the university of Munich
  • Jürgen Thiele (born 1959), German rower
  • Just Mathias Thiele (1795–1874), Danish writer and art historian
  • Keith Thiele (born 1921), New Zealand World War II pilot
  • Klaus Thiele (born 1958), German athlete
  • Neville Thiele Australian Engineer, known for having simplified and made into practical approach the algorithms for calculating loudspeaker cabinets similarly as Richard H. Small (thus Thiele/Small loudspeaker parameters).
  • Rolf Thiele (1918–1994), German film director.
  • Thorvald N. Thiele (1838–1910), Danish astronomer, mathematician, and statistician, who was one of the founders of the insurance company Hafnia
  • Wilhelm Thiele (1890–1975), Austrian screenwriter and film director

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