::The World is not Made in China


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The west made the world, not the east. The world is written on western rules.

If you want to include the east in the west's rules. China will take advantave of these rules and bypass them naturally. Our rules and laws will be eclipsed by inconveivable ways that are all very familiar to the east. In other words the world the way it was written, is ill-equipped to include China.

China, if the west was aware of what is at stake, should be directed to create its own world. Our western greed to get China's money is dooming the west. China is getting the upper hand as it is now included in international global finance.

As if we let China in the world, our way of thinking and doing, the western world. China will ridicule our systems, our laws, our habits, our beliefs.

China's rules and ways, will bend our laws and courtrooms into a circus act. Just because they reason quite differently than us, our rules are not equipped to receive China in the world's circle, not just ill-equipped. These rules were not written for eastern thinking but written by western people for the western gentry, who made the world.

The other way around, with China's secretive society, based on obscure non-written rules of non-law, nobody can attack the unknown by rethorics. Only the Chinese could. But once Chinese always Chinese. Chinese are bound to the eastern way of thinking by birth. It's probably impossible to westernize anybody chinese educated at birth.

They are bound like a cult to the fact that they are Chinese. They need to respect each other first regardless of law and rules. Something the west lost in world war II and the beginning of atomic famillies.

The Chinese are familly by birth, by language, by roots, they are the Hans people.

The only way to protect ourselves against China is to tell China to behave. No children allowed, respect the western rules. That's the world, our world. we overcame communism, we overcame barbarians, we invented sophistication, world's manners. The west, not the east.

So if the west wants China'smoney so bad, we should tell China that it's because it's our money. 50 years ago some Chinese were so hungry they were eating their deads. Chinese forgot that, or rather everything is taboo over there except smiling and doing what you are told.

So in the world's economics, global trade is about sharing, and exchange. Chinese are not sharing their secretive cultures, it shocks us when it transpires. They are not exchanging, they sell us, they take our money but they don't want to buy our stuff, our culture.

Everything has to be copied and be Chinese made. The Chinese government not only supports that, it guarantees it.

Let's guarantee that our world is safe and secure, the western thinking needs to be protected against godless, faithless, beliefless, anhilation of the mind.

They make Chinese people that way.

But the world was not born Chinese. The world was born from westerners. Westerners know the difference between cohersion, intimidation and free will.

The Chinese are hidden precious knowledge and powers, such as critical thinking.

Critical thinking is as hard dangerous to China than China is dangerous to the World, that is the World Trade Organization, The United Nations and all human organizations that are based on good, the way the west defined good.

Now if you are going to base your relationship of the west created world towards China on Trust, Honesty, Justice and Judisprudence, be aware that you will find the most ruthless adversary you ever encountered.

All western minded folks will find their best defenses totally useless against a Chinese minded party.

Chinese see our most glorious values as weaknesses. Our world is weak in their eyes, expert at copying and finding ways around, more than the French, more than the Arabics, more than the Jews, they will find ways to take our stuff and make it Chinese.

Like Chinglish (Chenglish?), Like Buddha ( slented eyes from India), like Didi ( Uber without the western ways of doing western quality business), Xiaomi ( Cheap phones that wouldn't exist without Apple's iphones), Kung Fu Panda 3 (more Chinese than ever).

The Americans did that with movies, remaking every international movie the American way.

The only thing China ever invented was printing, fireworks and Chinese medecine.

Printing came from no creativity, and all you could do is what you were told to you by above. Fireworks because Chinese are noisy and they can't even have a bbgun without serving jail sentences. Traditional Chinese Medecine is a way to survive the atmospheric conditions of leaving in a pressure cooker together with heat, steam and filthy habits of non cleaning up after themselves.

That is to say, China could not possibly lead. Will remain second for eternity. As they cannot be Chinese and creative. It's mutually inconveivable that they be both Chinese and Creative, being Chinese requires depreivation of sleep and willpower. Creativity requires quality rest and criticism, to have the critical mind to not copy something but create truly from scratch.

So let the world put China aside. We don't need their money. They are not playing by the rules. We lost our money on them, let's just not make it worst.

The US economy is intertwinned with China's.

So it's like an odd couple. The US can't leave without China, the US can't leave with China.

They should divorce and keep it as a neighbor.

But by all means the way money is working right now, globalization and all, it's not working.

WTO is dead. United Nations are Dead.

We should rewrite our laws and rules and organizations to NOT go after the money for power.

We should go after humanity. Like when the U.S. walked on the moon.

That's where true power lies. Let's do it again.

With the most modern weapon that can survive our dying western mindset and be reborn like the Phoenix reborn from its ashes. With science, like space-time transportation thanks to Stephen Hawking's work. With unity, like the Chinese will teach us if the U.S. don't get their act together, change the constitution if they have to, and address the population's discontent with segregation.

May the U.S. recreate the U.S. and save us from ourselves. We don't need China's help. We don't want them since they don't want us and they can't be trusted to lead humanity to its next step with true joy and motivation.

That's what keep us going. Thank you China for remembering us who we are.
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