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Why were women absent from politics until 2016? African American didn’t take too too long to get in power? Why were women absent for so long?

Women covered in ectoplasm

Not because they didn’t want to, because it was in their interest.

With secret societies having roots in rumors and other dark powers, women preferred to let the blunt face of their husband speak.

After all speaking of political affairs doesn’t fit their image, their reflection in the mirror only show beauty after all. Political affairs are ugly.

So they let the men handle it, it fit their image better, forces of nature, men.

Unfortunately it was proven than in psychology, the men, no the women, are responsible for nurturing.

The only role of women is to gather, …and separate.

If you have seen a pack of women, as early as grade 1, they like to discreminate and chastize.

In the hunter and gatherer framework, men are the hunters… and protectors.

If you neuter a man, by charm or other spell, like humiliation, ridicule, lies, rumors to name just a few, you end up with a man who cannot hunt, who cannot protect, in other word what Obama made of the U.S.A.

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