::The UFO called Thoughts


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By nature humans believe in a highest power which is good. It's compassionate, it's forgiving. It's intangible, it's phenomenal, it's all around us and really all there is. Some call it God. But what are the specifics in everyday life that show us great powers? What exactly is mightily powerful, untapped and actionable? Something we don't just believe in, something that is a tool. Something interesting, something that can be refined, tuned and turned off by statics or at will. In essence it's all there is , thoughts and our relationship with them.


The UFO called Thoughts sections
Intro   Universal entities with untapped power    Thoughts are open to communication   Thoughts need us, humans    Why aren\u2019t their signs more obvious?    So what do thoughts want? What do their signs show us?    What would happen to thoughts if they were shut off?    What would I gain from communicating with thoughts?    Are thoughts\u2019 power scary?    Don\u2019t I look crazy about listening and watching forms.    Can thoughts change their mind?    So a message can go from a good message to a bad message?    I don\u2019t want bad messages. So I don\u2019t want to listen to thoughts.    Are thoughts evil?    Are thoughts a religion?    Can I share thoughts?    What\u2019s the difference with these thoughts and thinking?    Will thoughts make me rich?    Can thoughts make me sick?    Can you give me a simple example of thoughts in actions?   

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