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The Mission (known as The Mission UK in the United States) are a gothic rock band formed in 1986 by former members of The Sisters of Mercy.

Initially known as The Sisterhood, the band was started by frontman Wayne Hussey and bassist Craig Adams (both from the Sisters of Mercy), soon adding drummer Mick Brown (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry) and guitarist Simon Hinkler (Artery and Pulp). Aside from Hussey, the line-up has changed several times during the years and the band has been on hiatus twice.

The band's catalogue consists of nine main albums (God's Own Medicine, Children, Carved in Sand, Masque, Neverland, Blue, Aura, God is a Bullet and The Brightest Light) with several complementing albums, compilations and other miscellaneous releases also in existence.<ref name="Names">Martin Roach with Neil Perry, The Mission: Names Are For Tombstones, Baby (Independent Press, London, 1993), pp 270-276</ref>

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