::The Animal is Rising


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November 25th 2016.

The animal is rising.

The animal is rising, the pure spirit comes back.

The animal is rising, the man never comes back.

The world is back on all four, for more stability.

The animal can rest, from its long journey, South.

The Lion can reclaim, all of his kingdom.

Grace as fallen, back into his maine.

Going backwards, upward towards the earth.

Returning to the graves, we missed all along.

Savage in the eyes of the wild, is returned.

To the principles, that made us whole.

Abject, we are redeemed.

Object, we will toy with.

Sandam, Sandam, Sandam

is ….our… cry.

Primal and untouched.

Graved, and polished.

Mourning its core, Monolithy restored.

Christianity complete.

The beast is all of us…

Once again

For ever.

Until another man.

Standing…on its….

two hinds.


How it was made.

To make it

All its own.

Rage in the beast, takes it away…

from what it was meant.

Absolute madness, hidden.

Within each beast.

Sandam Sandam Sandam.

The Gods revealed.

The caves emptied.

From refrigerators..

Dominion at the apex.

Of the forest, our home.

Rain once again,

Our delightful substance.

Life force, overall.

Our naked bodies.

Splendor, once more.

Display, its values.

Adorning… no one.

But our cubs.

And the grinds.

Forever suspicious.

Of the standing one.

As they may bite us.

Lost in its dreams.

Of revenge and chores.

That make him a beast.

Among us animals.


Courage with valor.

Clearing the path.

To the absolute.

Rewarding Gods.

With satisfaction.

Sandam Sandam Sandam.

Master from within.

Without interests,

For naïve concepts:

Equality, riches,

religion and culture:

Global war attributes.

Sapping all us outside.

Of our composition.

Of our night share made

Of our derision, dereason.


From our lair outside.

And back in the storm.

Chilling our guts with ice.

Keeping us safe:

From conquest,

Of our world.

Never made again.

An epic glory.

Satam Satam Satam.
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