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The biggest issue Tesla faces is not that the autopilot kills.

The biggest Tesla's autopilot issue is that other cars are not on autopilot.

Indeed, if you have a car which is not on autopilot. A lemon will do, it doesn't have to be a Tesla.

  1. Cut in front of the Tesla in autopilot.
  2. Wait for the Tesla to break in emergency.
  3. Repeat with the same Tesla or another Tesla.

The ride gets so uncomfortable for Tesla drivers, because their car stops on a dime.

Bullish drivers are taking advantage of Tesla's weakness:

The autopilot simply would not set its mind to bully a bully's back, in retaliation.

The Tesla's autopilot feature does not have a retaliation mode.

In essence, the only way the Tesla driver has...is to stop using the autopilot.

See the Tesla's autopilot is not strong willed.

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