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Talk:Smiley sections
Intro   Ray's Food Place 1980s    Proto Smiley 1957   Richard Ball vs Harvey Ball  Smileyworld?  Frownies  Japanese  Add more  Only basic smileys useful  Duplicate   British rave culture    Guy Smiley    ASCII    graemlins   Muhammed  [[Talk:Smiley?section=</a>_Disputed_origins_|</a> Disputed origins ]]   The Wingdings smiley    Supposed Australian Usage of Word    Smiley :-) article link    Smileys using computer keys    background of smilies   Origins   Left vs Right handed ASCII smileys    european smiley    :-( Despair, Inc's Frownies\u2122    Inarticulateness re Nirvana; whole Music section    Who the h*ll is Ball ?   Appearances of smiley  \"Fictional Use\"?  External Links   Southland Tales?    Article needs Clean and Protection!    What I know    3-eyed smiley    trademark   Name   Hippies    Harvey R. Ball as creator, copyright issues   File:Rally to Restore Sanity Photo 2010 Shankbone.jpg Nominated for Deletion   Flower-shaped smileys ?   the ACTUAL iconic smilies   Very reliable source I ought to share.    External links modified   

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