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Intro  Other appearances of the symbol  Portuguese cifr\u00e3o connection  abbreviation of pesos  redirect  Number of strokes  Yen   created a new page for the dollar sign languages   Yuan/\u5143   the table    the town of Dollar?    Signo pesos    British Dollars    Dollar Slang    merge   cleanup   I think someone should mention those burlap sacks with dollar signs on them    Two vertical lines   First use of \"$\" sign on U.S. money?   History again   origin of the symbol   Proper syntactical usage of the sign?    References    Merger with Cifr\u00e3o?    US    What about this thingie?    sybolic value of $    Why does the $ precede the number   Potosi mint mark   origin - Tariq ibn Ziyad    Dollar/Peso sign   Dollar sign NEVER \"originally\" the peso sign   atlas shrugged attention    Sestertius    Relevance of the cinnabar symbol    Reference 17    Gibberish   [[Talk:Dollar_sign?section=_good_page______$_| good page $ ]]  

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