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=Topics from 2004=
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Intro  Pre-2005 comments   English diminutives    Non-English languages with regular use of diminutive suffixes   Bunny vs Rabbit   -ling suffix in German is not used for the diminutive    Dutch example diminuitives that should be corrected or just left out   Expert expansion  Category change   The division of languages: English vs non-English   Sanskrit  Latin diminutives  Genders  Australia section   Celtic language diminutives    Polish diminutives question   Retrofit topic year headers/subpages  Diminutive versus Diminutive form  The Diminuitive in 17th century Dutch Pietism   Russian: diminutive in public media - read this!    Double dimunitive    Diminutives in Romanian    Baron/Baronet?    Indian Language Diminutives    Typo    As Gendered Designations   Chinese  English  

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