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Did Nintendo make a doodoo app?

Super Mario Run Doodoo

Super Mario Run iPhone App doesn’t work...well. At all sometimes.

Connection issues, facebook link issues,

"Try again after finding an area with a better connection" is a plague.

Support Code 804-1000

What is that area?

The moon? Japan? Apple headquarters?

It’s an Apple editor’s choice app on the App Store. And it’s full of glitches. Nintendo sign up is still a mess, it doesn’t say what is wrong with the form, just there are errors.

The only error is that nothing is wrong, just Nintendo.

I hope the collaboration between Japan’s Abe and U.S.’s Trump will be better than the one with Nintendo and Apple.

Because as allies, they look like decrepit allied brands these Apple and Nintendo. Dinosaurs of a world gone, unsaved by heroes.

Why would a giant in the stock Market like Apple. And a giant in gaming, collaborate and get a really shitty game out?

Super Mario Run is like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, notorious TPP.

All promising, no teeth, no substance, not working. Big price tag.

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