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Transforming Smiley into graphical emoticons In 1997 Nicolas Loufrani <ref name="Le Figaro"></ref> recognized the growth in use of ascii emoticons within mobile technology and he started experimenting with animated Smiley faces,<ref></ref> with the intention of creating colourful icons that corresponded to the pre-existing ascii emoticons made of plain punctuation marks, to enhance them for a more interactive use in digital. From this Loufrani compiled an online Emoticon Dictionary <ref></ref> that was sorted into separate categories - Classics, Moods expressions, Flags, Celebrations, Fun, Sports, Weather, Animals, Food, Nations, Occupations, Planets, Zodiac, Babies and these designs were first registered in 1997 at The United States Copyright Office and then these icons were posted as .gif files on the Web in 1998, becoming the first ever graphical emoticons used in technology.<ref></ref>

In 2000 the Emoticon Directory created by Loufrani was made available for users to download for cellular phones on the internet through which compiled over 1000 smiley graphic emoticons and their ascii versions. This same directory was then published in 2002 in a book by Marabout called Dico Smileys.<ref></ref>

In 2001 Smiley Company started licensing the rights for Loufrani's graphic emoticons to be used for cellular phone emoticon downloads by a variety of different telecommunication companies including Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, SFR (Vodafone) and Sky Telemedia.

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Transforming Smiley into graphical emoticons
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