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Currency in circulation As of 2012, the total currency in circulation was S$29.1 billion.<ref></ref> All issued Singapore currency in circulation (notes and coins) are fully backed by external assets in its Currency Fund to maintain public confidence.<ref></ref><ref>International Economics – Historical Exchange Rate Regime of Asian Countries The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Copyright 2000. Retrieved 15 August 2008.</ref> Such external assets consists of all or any of the following:<ref>;page=0;query=DocId%3Ab657047e-066c-4c8a-8e5b-2e96ab706aec%20Depth%3A0;rec=0;;whole=yes</ref> (a) gold and silver in any form; (b) foreign exchange in the form of demand or time deposits; bank balances and money at call; Treasury Bills; notes or coins; (c) securities of or guaranteed by foreign governments or international financial institutions; (d) equities; (e) corporate bonds; (f) currency and financial futures; (g) any other asset which the Authority, with the approval of the President of Singapore, considers suitable for inclusion.

Singapore's foreign reserves officially stood at over US$277.9 billion, as of June 2014 according to the MAS.<ref>Monetary Authority of Singapore – Official Foreign Reserves page Last official data as of 2014-08-13</ref>

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