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Shatter Death

The analytical Holy Bible - self-pronouncing, self-interpreting, self-explanatory (1906) (14597576090)

I mainly do this for myself. My travels are ones of self discovery. As outside so inside. I don't what most other people inner selves are like. Mine is quiet, silent, eery silent. It talks sometimes. But I would call my inner most sacred self non-verbal. Therefore to get my self to communicate I need to go long ways.

That's not the only way to get me in communication and in quality shared joys with myself. However that's a proven one. It's tiring but the rewards justify the efforts.

Shatter Death sections
Intro  Eeriness  Darkness for the good cause  Non-verbal innerspace self  Control freak of innerspace  Zen or Tao  Survive the West - Brace for the east  Washington makes sense  Exploring innerspace for a qualified God  I dont finish anyth  Saving humanity from physical humans  Pillars of the west - Shelves of the east   The U.S. is closing down for new ownership  Museum or Library \u2013 Up to the passerby  Innerspace time  Concepts  Kindle  Retracting to a spark size light  Amazon \u2013 the Kindle Cloud Reader  

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