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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} The tālā is the currency of Samoa. It is divided into 100 sene. The terms tālā and sene are the equivalents or transliteration of the English words dollar and cent, in the Samoan language.

The tālā was introduced in 1967, following the country's political independence from New Zealand in 1962. Until that time, Samoa had used the pound, with coins from New Zealand and its own banknotes. The tālā replaced the pound at a rate of 2 tālā = 1 pound, and was therefore equal to the New Zealand dollar. The tālā remained equal to the New Zealand dollar until 1975.

The symbol WS$ is still used for the tālā,<ref></ref> representing the country's previous name Western Samoa, used up to 1997, when the word Western was officially removed and the country became known as just Samoa. Therefore, the symbol SAT,<ref name=autogenerated1>Samoa Realty Ltd - Lands For Sale</ref> ST<ref>Samoa Travel Guide: Overview - Lonely Planet WorldGuide</ref> and T<ref>Currencies of the World</ref> appear to be in use as well.

Sometimes figures are written with the dollar sign in front, followed by "tālā". e.g. $100 tālā.<ref name=autogenerated1 /><ref name="autogenerated2">:: THE CENTRAL BANK OF SAMOA | Currency | Collector's Currency | Index ::</ref>

The Samoan currency is issued and regulated by the Central Bank of Samoa.<ref name=autogenerated1 /><ref name="autogenerated2"/>

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