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Rotation period of selected objects

Celestial objects Rotation period
Sun 25.379995 days (equatorial)<ref>Rotation and pole position for the Sun and planets Rotation period in days is 360° divided by the coefficient of d.</ref><ref>Report of the IAU/IAG Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements of the Planets and Satellites: 2000 PDF (215KB) pp7–8</ref>
35 days (high latitude)
25ᵈ 9ʰ 7ᵐ 11.6ˢ
Mercury citation CitationClass=book

}}</ref> || 58ᵈ 15ʰ 30ᵐ 30ˢ

Venus –243.0187 days<ref name=Allen296/><ref name=negative>This rotation is negative because the pole which points north of the ecliptic rotates in the opposite direction to most other planets.</ref> −243ᵈ 0ʰ 26ᵐ
Earth 0.99726968 days<ref name=Allen296/><ref>Reference adds about 1 ms to Earth's stellar day given in mean solar time to account for the length of Earth's mean solar day in excess of 86400 SI seconds.</ref> 0ᵈ 23ʰ 56ᵐ 4.0910ˢ
Moon citation CitationClass=book

(synchronous toward Earth) || 27ᵈ 7ʰ 43ᵐ 11.5ˢ

Mars 1.02595675 days<ref name=Allen296/> 1ᵈ 0ʰ 37ᵐ 22.663ˢ
Ceres citation CitationClass=journal

}}</ref> || 0ᵈ 9ʰ 4ᵐ 27.0ˢ

Jupiter 0.4135344 days (deep interior)<ref name=mag>Rotation period of the deep interior is that of the planet's magnetic field.</ref>
0.41007 days (equatorial)
0.41369942 days (high latitude)
0ᵈ 9ʰ 55ᵐ 29.37s<ref name=Allen296/>
0ᵈ 9ʰ 50ᵐ 30ˢ<ref name=Allen296/>
0ᵈ 9ʰ 55ᵐ 43.63ˢ<ref name=Allen296/>
Saturn 0.44403 days (deep interior)<ref name=mag/>
0.426 days (equatorial)
0.443 days (high latitude)
0ᵈ 10ʰ 39ᵐ 24ˢ<ref name=Allen296/>
0ᵈ 10ʰ 14ᵐ<ref name=Allen296/>
0ᵈ 10ʰ 38ᵐ<ref name=Allen296/>
Uranus −0.71833 days<ref name=Allen296/><ref name=negative/><ref name=mag/> −0ᵈ 17ʰ 14ᵐ 24ˢ
Neptune 0.67125 days<ref name=Allen296/><ref name=mag/> 0ᵈ 16ʰ 6ᵐ 36ˢ
Pluto −6.38718 days<ref name=Allen296/><ref name=negative/>
(synchronous with Charon)
–6ᵈ 9ʰ 17ᵐ 32ˢ
Haumea 0.163145 days<ref name="hour">

}}</ref> || 0ᵈ 3ʰ 54ᵐ 56ˢ

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Rotation period of selected objects
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