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The elite is trying to make us believe that the clone parading.

They are trying to imprint in our mind that it’s the new president.

Donald Trump meeting President Ronald Reagan (29104675986)

Not the one we chose, US people, us, people, but the one they chose all along, with their financial powers, media, and false accounts of Truth, blocking Justice and so on. Even technology companies like Facebook.

The real winners are the Jews yet again.

The Jews are not stupid enough to stand with anybody but their own people.

Yet, under the mirage of false values like democracy, the elite yet again takes over our president.

By killing it, like JFK, but this time, by killing the president by a false number of vote. Rigged elections all out.

All their tools exposed.

The last thing is to imprint in people’s psyche: who is the chosen president.

Chosen by chosen people, chosen by them, the untouchables.

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