::Popular Vote Won by Republicans


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Democrats are consoling themselves that they won the popular vote.

Electoral College 1916

They didn’t, countless of Trump sympathizers didn’t bother to vote because of the electoral college system. For example, as Pro Trump in California, New York or other Massachussets, why bother?

You know these states above, for example, are strong democratic castles of mass hypnosys. Home to Harvard and other mass programming schools. No wonder the elites favor these schools. The world would be a much better place with these ancient societies secretive remnants would go back in the hidden, and stripped from all government funds and public glorification of the evil people it generates. Corporate crime will only rise to debilatating amounts unless people wake up and stop venerating, envying and contributing to satan’s work as Wall Street’s top players. Effectively making the world the wicked place it is, with wars, greed and the evil given might powers over the good.

Laws should be changed so Justice is represented.

  1. Justice needs be not a place for riches to extort the poor.
  2. Justic needs be a place for riches to opress the just to overcome the foes.
  3. Justice needs to be a place where the good prevails against the cruel, the unjust, the weaked, the crooked.

Now Trump and people are in talks to endorse a change from the electoral college to direct representation.

What’s really stunning is that it will only profit republicans.

Republicans also won the popular vote.

‘’’’’Fallacy is the motto of Democratic thinking.’’’’

Historically democrats take the voting right more at right than republicans. That is because Universities, Colleges, and other academic entities wether private or public brainwash our young into false ideas. Like the one that voting is a civic duty.

Voting is a right. In a rigged society controlled by elites, not voting became the source of rebellions against the democratic brainwash machines.
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