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Pappy is another name for father.

Pappy is a nickname of:

  • Gregory Pappy Boyington (1912-1988), Flying Tiger and American fighter ace in World War II
  • Fred Coe (1914-1979), American television producer and director
  • Pappy Daily (1902-1987), American country music record producer and entrepreneur
  • Paul Gunn (1899-1957), US World War II naval aviator
  • John C. "Pappy" Herbst (1909-1946), American flying ace in World War II
  • Duanes S. (Pappy) Larson (1916-2005), American World War II fighter pilot
  • Howard Mason (born 1959), American drug trafficker
  • W. Lee O'Daniel (1890-1969), Texas governor and senator
  • Paul Rowe (Canadian football) (1917-1990), professional football player
  • Risley C. Triche (born 1930), attorney and longtime member of the Louisiana House of Representatives
  • Pappy Waldorf (1902-1981), American football player and coach
  • Grover Washabaugh (c. 1893-1973), American college and high school football and basketball coach
  • Pappy Wood (1888-1978), Canadian curler

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