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Released is a special South African only compilation album released by Irish boyband Westlife. The album was released on 31 March 2005, in support of the group's Asian leg of their Face To Face Tour.<ref></ref> The album consists of a range of well known hits, remixes, b-sides and international language versions. "Don't Calm The Storm" and "I Won't Let You Down" were released to South African radio charts to promote the album, where both charted at #8. The album includes the Spanish versions of their popular singles I Lay My Love on You and When You're Looking Like That. Two similar albums were also released exclusively in foreign countries.
Golden Hits is a special Hong Kong only compilation album, released on 24 January 2001, in support of the recent release of the group's second album, Coast to Coast. Similarly to Released, the album contains a range of singles, album tracks and b-sides, plus a previously unreleased Westlife megamix. The album contains a unique picture & lyric booklet.<ref></ref>
Grandes Exitos is a special Venezuelan only compilation album, released on 4 June 2002, following the release of the group's third album, World of Our Own. The album contains tracks from all three of the group's studio albums.<ref></ref> "More Than Words" was released as a single from the album in March 2002,<ref></ref> peaking at #3 on the Venezuelan singles chart. The single featured exclusive remixes of three of the group's biggest hits.

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