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Ordinal may refer to:

  • Ordinal data, a statistical data type consisting of numerical scores that exist on an arbitrary numerical scale
  • Ordinal date, a simple form of expressing a date using only the year and the day number within that year
  • Ordinal indicator, the sign adjacent to a numeral denoting that it is an ordinal number
  • Ordinal number in set theory, a number type with order structures
  • Ordinal number (linguistics), a word representing the rank of a number
  • Ordinal scale, ranking things that are not necessarily numbers
  • Ordinal utility (economics): a utility function which is used only to describe the preference ordering between different outcomes.
  • Regnal ordinal, used to distinguish monarchs and popes with the same regnal name
  • In liturgy, an ordinal is a book that gives the ordo (ritual and rubrics) for celebrations
  • In Anglicanism, the Ordinal is the book containing the rites for the ordination of deacons and priests, and the consecration of bishops. Typically, this is printed with the Book of Common Prayer.
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