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Taiwan is the legal China Beijing lost in its quest to alienate, Taiwan is free from interference. This one China is clearly Taiwan. There is two China, with Beijing involved.

Beijing is not China. It's Beijing.

The One China is Taipei, Taiwan's capital, the republic of China.

The people's republic of China is all people, not one people. Yes?

Maybe if it was the Person's Republic of China. That's Beijing.

You can't talk to Beijing, but you have to go through lower officials. Lower officials can't help you with nothing, only higher officials can do things.

So you have to explain to lower officials, that can't understand squat since they were chosen to make people, not furious, but giving up. You can't get blood from a stone, and surely a lower official is like a stone.

Now the higher you go and up to Beijing, They are so much above anything else, they don't know their right foot from their left foot.

That's the job of lower officials, but they have no power. All the power is not Beijing.

No power in Beijing, the only power coming from China, shines from Taiwan.

So One China is really Taipei.

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Taiwan is the legal China
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