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Official talks between North Korea and the U.S. ended.

A few weeks later, a policy came in place to ban travel from American citizen to North Korea.

Officially I don't know what kind of deal got out of talking with North Korea, nobody knows, there were officially talks, but their were secretive. However what we do know, is that Americans are now prohibited to travel to the DPRK. It's a self inflicting response. The U.S. and Americans don't have a better way to deal with North Koreans than to self mutate their rights and culture of freedom in response.

North Korea must be onto something... Whose side is God on? Looks like it's on North Korea side... so .... they are good people after all. This regime, might be the only regime in the world not based on corruption.


They will threaten us, and we will hurt our freedom in the process.

Some will play the point, to protect Americans. Baby sitting us? why?

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