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North Korea is arguably a very tough country.

It must be noted that their values and principles are strong. The western world looks pale in the face of this culture. North Korea is by far the farthest advance country in the fight again corruption. Human nature has for long been fighting against power. What it does to the psyche, how it corrupts the most pure.

North Korea has taken on that fight and developed a country with the highest honors when it comes to

  • Dignity
  • Valor
  • Respect of the pure

In the west, we are only shown a few aspects of this culture.

  • When the North Korean anti-corruption regime blows up higher officials with anti-tank missiles.
  • When its latest leader, Kim Jung Hun, threaten to nuke the west when we sniff into their personal place.
  • When they develop long rage intercontinental missiles and threaten to hit the continental U.S.

They sure look ruthless.

But that's what it takes when North Korea is that small and the U.S., the elephant in the room, shakes the mouse hole by its sniffing around for peanuts.

You might think I am Anti-American.

  • I am idealist.
  • I am a democrat.
  • I am a Nazi.

Don't insult me, I am a National Socialist, yes, but I am no damn democrat.

I just recognize North Korea's right to lead their lives the best they know how.

And if in the process they threaten to Nuke the continental U.S., well good for them for having the will, the power, the courage.

Should they be stopped? The problem is that they can't.

Personally I am tired of the Judeos owning the Christians, and the Christians considering Muslims as the devil.

I am tired of being enslaved by lies. Stupidity and debunked conspiracies.

If you read history, it was really written for children. With monsters and good people, and the good ones always win.

Sound familiar, Hollywood, WWII history, Ancient Egypt, Jesus Christ the meek, all lies.

Conceptually I have an issue with lies snowballing. People incarcerated for stating the truth, for stating their mind.

Laws terrorizing the masses. Lawmakers bought out by the fewest, the jewest, the richest pieces of scum, who built their empire on lies.

After reading rare books, books that tell the truth are rare, since publishers are jewish.

I just am convinced that the U.S. is playing too much the bad guys holding up lies, for a profit, that is actually crumbles.

Who inherits the earth, the all jews, their scams, their ways, their rites. That most so-called Christians follow, ignorant of their own faith, and misdirecting compassion in lieu of judgment.

Not that the Christian is stupid, but the Christian is a coward when it comes to express rage, besides they lack the practice, the experience, repressed, for the sake of compassion.

So over compassionate Christians betray their Lord Jesus for the more sympathetic Lucifer. Christians are indeed Luciferians. The jews, master commanded by the overlord Satan, rules Lucifer and everybody on earth.

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