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Coins The denominations of the Taiwan dollar in circulation are

Currently Circulating Coins
Image Value Technical parameters Description Date of
Diameter Weight Composition Obverse Reverse first minting issue
NT$½ 18 mm 3 g 97% copper
2.5% zinc
0.5% tin
Mei Blossom, "中華民國XX年"1 Value 1981
(Minguo year 70)
December 8, 1981<ref name="中央銀行發行之貨幣及偵偽鈔辨識"> 中央銀行發行之貨幣及偵偽鈔辨識</ref>
NT$1 20 mm 3.8 g 92% copper
6% nickel
2% aluminium
Chiang Kai-shek, "中華民國XX年" December 8, 1981<ref name="中央銀行發行之貨幣及偵偽鈔辨識"/>
NT$5 22 mm 4.4 g Cupronickel
75% copper
25% nickel
Chiang Kai-shek, "中華民國XX年" Value 1981
(Minguo year 70)
December 8, 1981<ref name="中央銀行發行之貨幣及偵偽鈔辨識"/>
NT$10 26 mm 7.5 g December 8, 1981<ref name="中央銀行發行之貨幣及偵偽鈔辨識"/>
| NT$20 26.85 mm 8.5 g Ring: Aluminium bronze (as $50)
Center: Cupronickel (as $10)
Mona Rudao, "莫那魯道"2, "中華民國XX年" Traditional canoes used by the Tao people 2001
(Minguo year 90)
| July 9, 2001<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation CitationClass=news


NT$50 28 mm 10 g Aluminium bronze
92% copper
6% aluminium
2% nickel
Sun Yat-sen, "中華民國XX年" Latent images of both Chinese and Arabic numerals for 50 2007
(Minguo year 96)
citation CitationClass=news


These images are to scale at 2.5 pixels per millimeter. For table standards, see the coin specification table.

Coins are minted by the Central Mint of China, while notes are printed by the China Engraving and Printing Works. Both are run by the Central Bank. The NT$½ coin is rare because of its low value, while the NT$20 coin is rare because of the government's lack of willingness to promote it. As of 2010, the cost of the raw materials in a NT$½ coin is worth more than the face value of the coin.


  1. "中華民國XX年" = "Minguo XX". "中華民國" is also the state title "Republic of China".
  2. "莫那魯道" = "Mona Rudao", anti-Japanese leader at the Wushe Incident.

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