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Nanshan Issue Simply

An island we commonly know what it is. A piece of land on top of water, except Australia, continents are not considered Islands.

By definition of the law, written by western people. It is a piece of land showing up at the surface of the water, with fresh water coming out of it enough to sustain a human life.

Now in Nanshan Islands, islands is the rocks at the surface with no fresh water coming out of it.

Note that these international laws were written by nations either western or with strong western affluence. Chinese were not involved in the creation of these laws. And now that they are jumping in world’s affair they are having issues translating the concepts.

They put sand on all these rocks. Whether submerged or apparent as to form a large artificial Island. ( The Chinese translate this into Island, and we also commonly would call that an Island, it’s not).

This artificial Island is a big platform originally made of emerged rocks with no flowing fresh water. An emerged rock is a rock appearing above the surface of the ocean. Based on this it’s not an island.

Unfortunately, the Chinese, by translation don’t discriminate between the terms. The fresh water they now extract from the artificial island does not come from the original emerged rocks., above the surface of the ocean.

Now because of the creation of the artificial island, it’s not possible to distinguish that wells of fresh water come from originally submerged rocks, a submerged rock is under water most of the time and does not qualify as an island even if they fresh water enough to sustain human life because they are not permanently emerged rocks, surfacing above water.

The laws were written by western people. So it’s evident that we can understand the concepts.

Chinese have many words for islands. They get lost in the similarly translated terms and translations of details. They think the west is after them…. In the process of understanding western concepts, their human mind at work will easily fall into victimhood as the mind’s primal protection mechanism. Then they may eventually realize it’s not their country’s sovereignty that is challenged. It’s their mind’s conceptualization of what is a territory according to the international laws. It is hard for Chinese that becoming a global player requires accepting established world’s view before changing them. In the process of skipping a step, they will alienate the world they want to be part of. It’s up to China to integrate itself in the world. The United States and western nations are surely trying to facilitate this process.

In the process they look insecure and dramatic. It’s deplorable that they are taking over their strongest asset, the image of calm and serenity that emerged from the east.

Chinese’s unfamiliarity with compassion, trust and ability to change is creating waves on the western front. They will eventually recognize and accept the world’s reality after they push through and find out there is nothing behind it, except world’s leadership, the United States, leading the world with as much humanity as really is possible.

A lot of us were hoping a country could do better at world’s leadership than the United States.

After all it doesn’t look so good with terrorist attacks, mass shootings and poverty.

Unfortunately China is not showing up as the next leader that would bring more peace to our world. Everybody dreams of a world’s utopia, it’s human but practically it’s still the rabbit gets eaten by the wolf.

So long live America. Besides the complexity of world’s affairs they seem to prevail in leading the human kind as best we are equipped to do so.

God bless America.

You could argue China cannot go in world’s affairs by accepting our western rules first without undermining their eastern values. If they are not going to sacrifices now, they may loose more later. Change is inevitable now that China is so connected to the world’s economy.

In preserving the Communist Party of China, China is preserving its Unity. It’s admirable. But in the process they will never be the number one country for humanity. A country that the majority of human being will look up to with admiration A country making us conscious of being here like the US did. Or a country that could make us blissful in every day’s life: China.

So China, learn from your mistakes and show us. Please don’t alienate the world in the process. Don’t miss the steps of the world. First learn the rules, secondly change them. Otherwise you will look as a bully and nobody will accept that, just submit to it. Is that what you have in mind in the east’s consciousness?

We have equivalent things in the west. Unfortunately we already know it’s bad and we won’t replace bad with another bad unless you really blend the bad in you with your goodness.

The world and the US won’t wait for you to grow up. We’ll stop you and make you behave, that is the way of the world. Our compassion is not a weakness. Our western beliefs are our unity.

China’s model of Unity through politics is not something the world will let happen. Not without war.

China, maybe the world need to recognize you as extremely ancient. That’s not what the world want to look up to the future. They want new and fresh. Inspiring to the youth, our blood, our future.
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