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Markey may refer to:

  • Alexander Markey (1891–1958), a Hungarian-born American film-maker
  • Betsy Markey (born 1956), Democratic congresswoman representing Colorado's 4th congressional district
  • Brendan Markey (born 1976), Irish soccer player
  • Dave Markey (born 1963), American film director
  • Ed Markey (born 1946), U. S. senator from Massachusetts,
  • Enda Markey (born 1976), Irish stage and television actor
  • Enid Markey (1894–1981), American actress most famous for originating the role of Jane in Tarzan films
  • Gene Markey (1895–1980), American author, producer, screenwriter, and decorated naval officer
  • John Markey, former head coach of the University of Maryland college football program
  • Howard Thomas Markey (1920–2006), American jurist who served as the first chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • Margaret Markey, member of New York State Assembly representing District 30
  • Mary Jo Markey, American film and television editor
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