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Personal attacks

Lillian Ashley (later Turnbull) signed a 'wedding contract' with Lucky Baldwin. Los Angeles Herald<ref>"Tears and Kisses Mark Fight for Baldwin Gold," Los Angeles Herald, December 16, 1910</ref>

One of the women accusing him of breach of promise shot and wounded him in 1883 with a pistol inside his luxury Baldwin Hotel, built in 1876<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=book }}</ref>) on the northeast corner of Powell and Market St. He also narrowly escaped death in a San Francisco courtroom on July 2, 1896. He was sued by Lillian Ashley for seduction. While she was on the witness stand, her sister Emma Ashley,<ref name=call>"Attempt To Murder E.J. Baldwin," San Francisco Call July 2, 1896, Page 1</ref> walked up behind Baldwin and fired a pistol at him, grazing his skull.<ref name=social/>

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Personal attacks
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