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Marriages and affairs Baldwin was financially tightfisted in his business dealings, but led a flamboyant lifestyle. He was especially free-spending when it came to women. One contemporary commented, "Baldwin didn't run after women; they ran after him."<ref name=social/>

Baldwin's matrimonial ventures periodically created sensations. He was married four times, the first three marriages ending in divorce. He was sued by four women for breach of promise of marriage. His stature as a celebrity was such that at age 56, when he married 20-year-old Lilly Bennett in San Francisco, the wedding drew coast-to-coast press coverage.<ref>"A Millionaire's Third Marriage" New York Times June 1, 1884, Page 4</ref> In the same year, he was sued by a jilted 16-year-old girl who was awarded $75,000 in damages.<ref name=SoCalHist>Historical Society of Southern California, 1999, Wilkman, Jon, "E. J. Lucky Baldwin"</ref>

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