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Lassiter is an English family name. It is a habitational name from the city of Leicester (see Lester). Notable people with the surname include:

  • Amanda Lassiter (born 1979), American women's professional basketball player
  • Art Lassiter (1928–1994), American soul singer
  • Bob Lassiter (1945–2006), American radio personality, known as "Mad Dog"
  • Francis R. Lassiter (1866–1909), American representative, lawyer and military officer
  • Ike Lassiter (born 1940), American football defensive lineman
  • James Lassiter, American film producer
  • Kwamie Lassiter (born 1969), American football player and coach
  • Jason Lassiter (born 1981), American aerospace engineer
  • Luther Lassiter (1918–1988), American pool player
  • Marcio Lassiter (born 1987), Filipino-American professional basketball player
  • Rhiannon Lassiter (born 1977), British children's books author
  • Roy Lassiter (born 1969), American soccer player
  • Seneca Lassiter (born 1977), American middle-distance runner
  • Tyler Lassiter (born 1989), American soccer player

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