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Korea Taekwondo Association (한국 태권도 협회; 韓國 跆拳道 協會; KTA), originally the Korea Taekwondo Association,<ref name="Park1993">Park, S. H. (1993): About the author. In H. H. Choi: Taekwon-Do: The Korean art of self-defence, 3rd ed. (Vol. 1, pp. 241–274). Mississauga: International Taekwon-Do Federation.</ref> is the first taekwondo organisation. It was founded in 1959,<ref name="Park1993"/><ref name="KangLee1999">Kang, W. S., & Lee, K. M. (1999): The modern history of TaeKwonDo Seoul: Bokyung Moonhwasa (ISBN 89-358-0124-0). Retrieved on 6 January 2010.</ref><ref name="Green2001">Green, T. A. (2001): Martial arts of the world: An encyclopedia (Vol. 1, p. 297). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO (ISBN 15-760-7150-2).</ref><ref name="Szumowska2001">Szumowska, M. (2001): "Through the eyes of the General: The evolution of modern Taekwondo." Black Belt, 39(3):70–75.</ref><ref name="Shaw2001">Shaw, S. (2001): The history of the Korean martial arts Retrieved on 23 July 2009.</ref><ref name="Jewell2005">Jewell, D. (2005): Rhee Taekwon-Do: A history of taekwondo Retrieved on 23 July 2009.</ref><ref name="TKDTimes">TKD Timeline Tae Kwon Do Times (January 2010). Retrieved on 25 January 2010.</ref><ref name="Weiler2006">Weiler, P. (2006): ITF Deutschland: Geschichte – Teil 4 (German). Retrieved on 25 January 2010.</ref>[a] although official South Korean sources give 1961 as its year of establishment.<ref name="KTAHistory">Korea Taekwondo Association: History Retrieved on 22 July 2009.</ref><ref name="">The official website of the Republic of Korea: Taekwondo Retrieved on 23 July 2009.</ref>[b] In 1966, some members of the KTA, led by H. H. Choi, broke off from the KTA and formed the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF). The Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) were created by the KTA in the early 1970s. The KTA sits under the Korea Sports Council,<ref name="KTAOrganization">Korea Taekwondo Association: Organization Retrieved on 23 July 2009.</ref> is aligned with Kukkiwon, and is a Member National Association (MNA) of the WTF.<ref>World Taekwondo Federation: Member National Association – Korea Retrieved on 23 July 2009.</ref> Its goal is to promote the martial art taekwondo as a national sport within South Korea.<ref name="KTAGoalFunction">Korea Taekwondo Association: Goal & Function Retrieved on 23 July 2009.</ref>

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