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Richard B. Spencer in 2016

The people against oppression.

That want to be in the light again.

We, the people underprivileged.

We, the believers of truth.

Truth is all we are made of.

Jews are the obsfucators of truth. The shadows in our life, cast from our hearts outside.

Because Jews are victims, they are made of darkness, and they shine outside.

The jews make us victims, us made of light, as we strive to reach higher, they opress us by taking our might, our means, our finances.

Our finances made of courage, not of gold.

Jews usurpate our finance, our strenghth, our body, our core, with tricky games of gold. Courage is not gold.

It's pure might, pure energy. God isn't, it's a thing.

Because it's shiny doesn't mean it's pure. Because it's pure doesn't mean it's good.

What is good are values. Courage, truth, for God's sake.

The all forgiving Christian God keeps forgiving the jews, for making us miserable, us the Christians.

God banished Lucifer, the fallen angel who did not forgive the jews. Who did not think misery should be forgiven. Pain should have consequences, so Lucifer became a fallen Angel, and the Jews became known as the opressors.

Lying jews, no gas chamber ever existed, that's not holocaust denier talk, that's gas chamber denier truth.

Gas chamber were fabricated, a fake news to make us believe Hitler was bad.

Hitler was the highest good that ever walked on this earth. Jesus reborn, Christians missed that, gullible fools. Christians were blind into how Jesus would come back? As a sheep looking meek beardy guy? Or as a strong advocate of the fight against darkness.

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