::Jews have two souls


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Most Christians act like jews

Heart and Soul nebulae

Without the privilege of being a real jew. That is by birth.

Jewish controlled media and broadcasting abilities such a movies, TV series and leadership on the workplace. And jewish influence, read corruption, in the justice system and in politics, lead to Christians using Jewish values.

Jewish values are very different than Christian values. They are opposite.

Christianity is a demonic religion, with a god and a devil.

Judeo Christian Religion creates an all encompassing god.

One is the devil, the other one is good.

When hypocrisy takes place, the Christian has a long way to go to be a Christian. See you are not born Christian contrary to popular belief:

You have to become one.

You have to work hard. You have to make a lot of difficult choices based on your own integrity.

So when someone is an hypocrit, the integrity is not present. You are just doing the religion of the jew. Good at home, Devil at work.

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