::Jews And Universal Healthcare


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Writing Preparing yourself for this world

I wasn't prepared for that world.

Where the jews are evil. Where universal healthcare is at the roof of all of it.

  • Jews support universal healthcare.
  • Jewish senators support universal healthcare
  • Jews make their wealth on big government
  • Jews sympathizers make their fortune as traitors of America.

The truth about jews, and the truth about universal healthcare came out.

Trump and the Nazis are now heroes. It only took ... thousands of years... for the truth to come out.

What does Universal healthcare as to do with the jews?

Some people need explanation: Everything!

Jews And Universal Healthcare sections
Intro  Explanation  Universal vs Private Insurance  win win win for jews  Truth is the cure  Universal healthcare weakens people  Universal healthcare kills the psyche of citizens  Jesus did not advocate Universal Healthcare  The jewish cash cow  Evil by association of related ideas  Drain the swamp  Make America Great Again  

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