::Jewish Family Drama


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Jewish Family Drama

Roman Polanski gwiazda Lodz

We are family!

As long as you don’t take from me!

We are family!

As long we take all from you!

We are family!

The jews can plunder you!

We are family!

Jews can take office and tweet.

We are family!

we control facebook, who’s boss.

We are family!

Democracy is jew’s dreams.

We are family!

Right to nuke all heads for our cause!

We are family!

Pot will get the last of your own.

We are family!

We jews strive on feeding on you.

We are family!

How about Christians, Hindu and Muslims take from the jew for change? Let’s take from the Jews!

We are….

No family no more! Jews hate you all pigs.

Just will smile at you if you are their dressage horse.

As long as you behave and don’t raise hell and high water about your pitiful condition.

You get paid such low wages, they will hide their contempt for you if you work for them.

Otherwise meet the true figure of jewdom:

JFK, Federal Reserve, Media Manipulation, Twisted Terms, Systematic Denial of Truth, Associating Ideas, Diverting from the true points of the subject at stakes.

Jews are not people, they should not be citizen.

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