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Apple is sitting on billions in cash. The cash is rotting. The most valuable company in the world is struggling to compete against high end Android phones.

High end Chinese Android phones are really attractive, made by Huawei, Oppo, Honor, Xiaomi just o name a handful.

Let alone the Korean phones like Samsung.

Their key advantage is quick turnaround of new phones. They are the nemesis of iPhones slow new hardware releases. A new iphone is released every year. A new Android phone is released pretty much every two weeks.

This is a maddening 28 times faster than Apple's iOS.

Security updates on the iOS are coming coming promptly, while on Android they are only delivered based on your Android's manufacturer.

For example, if your Android manufacturer is a big brand and an expensive phone, you will get swift security updates. On the other hand if your manufacturer is a brand but cheaper phone, in the range of $150, the phone will look great and run fine but you may never ever see any software updates for it.

President Trump himself swears by Android. It actually fits his image better. And personally as any other American who used to make twice as much money out of College 15 years ago. I was young, inexperienced, didn't know much or anything compared to now. I now feel like an iPhone is overkill for my lifestyle. I am more living on the cheap, buying things on sale.

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