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How to Empower People

How to build power when you have none?

This is dedicated to the Chinese.

Power needs to be cultivated. If something makes you tired, reown your power.

Howto will cover the following

    • What makes you tired.
    • Reowning the power within it.
    • To the Chinese
    • Conclusion

If something makes you tired it may be because it's unknown. It's unknown because it's disowned. There are only two relations you can have with power.

Possible Relationship with Power:

  • support it
  • let it down.

If you support power, when something makes you tired, when something "de-powers" you. It's time to take action in that very moment, by constructive speech, by actions. Hold people responsible, by holding them accountable. It's not time for sharing, it's not time for washing it off with vulnerabilities. It's not time for thinking "I need a nap". If you take a nap wihout supporting power first, you won't sleep well, you won't regenerate in your sleep, you attempt to sleep will degrade you, you would wake up a lesser you. When you hear in your head "I hear a nap", it's the signal to take actions, stand up, speak up and take actions towards holding people accountable. Ingraining responsibilities in others. Then when your time was spent doing these actions, empowering others, then you will become yourself more powerful instantly.

Being on the side of power does not mean supporting the rich, and it doesn't mean being loved by the poor. It will mean being very lonely in the moment. The poor will be the first to criticize you for trying to empower everybody. The rich will be worried about loosing power, in their case it's money. So you won't have anybody on your side, at first. The thing with power is that you get God on your side. What I mean by God is ... miracles, things that you didn't see coming that will work with you.

It never fails.

It never lets you down. It always work in ways that you couldn't possibly have imagined. However with time, you will expect these things to come. These things that help you in your quest for power.

How To Empower People sections
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