::Hitler Built Modern Democracies


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I am a nazi, a contemporary, a hippie, a revolutionary, a democrat, a republican All these aspects of philosophies have been implanted in our memory as to build the world that we call the west. It’s our psyche, it’s what we have become as a white powerful nation. We don’t have to be white, we have to resonate with the west ideologies to understand Trump’s culture.

These philosophies, giving us a framework for ways of life, reference points for ways of relating, mannerism for ways of experiencing. It provides us with patterns and concepts ot fully express our humanity at the present moment.

Our humanity has been built over centuries and centuries of change, millenium and millenium of change.

Now China is integrating the eastern philosophies in us. Through American movies, american television and their own home-made chinese productions. China is trying to buy a piece of our western mind. We must remain strong to our values. This is the Chinese grand plan.

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