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Motor manufacturers

  • Gordon (1903-1904), (Gordon Cycle & Motor Company Ltd), British manufacturer of bicycles and motor cars on Seven Sisters Road, London.
  • Gordon Newey, Newey, Newey-Aster, Gordon Newey Ltd, G.N.L. (GNL), (1907-1920), British automobile manufacturer from Birmingham.
  • Gordon (1912-1916), Gordon Armstrong, British cyclecar produced in Beverley Yorkshire by 'East-Riding Engineering'.
  • Gordon England, Gordon England (coachbuilder) 1920s coachbuilding and racing car manufacturer owned by Eric Gordon England.
  • Gordon (1954-1958), (Vernon Industries), British three wheeled motorcar built at Bidston, Cheshire.
  • Gordon GT (1959) (See Gordon-Keeble)
  • Gordon-Keeble, (1960-1961; 1964-1967), British car marque, made first in Slough, then Eastleigh, and finally in Southampton.

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Motor manufacturers
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