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  • File format, particular way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file
  • Content format, encoded format for converting a specific type of data to displayable information
  • Disk formatting, the process of preparing a data storage device
  • Formatting, preparing computer hard disks to store data, destroying any existing contents
    • FORMAT, a command-line utility to format disks in many computer operating systems
  • Format (Common Lisp), a programming function for formatting printed output
  • Format (Fortran 66), a programming statement for formatting printed output
  • Format (Algol68), a programming function and type for formatting printed output


Other Uses:

  • Film format, standard characteristics regarding image capture on photographic film
  • Newspaper format, the size of the paper page
  • Playoff format, competition in sports and games to determine an overall champion
  • Radio format, the overall content broadcast on a radio station
  • TV format, overall concept, premise and branding of a television program

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