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Madness teaching in Mainland China and the battle for ideology prevalence. - Essay

Concepts, projections and helping chinese students get prepared for American oversea education.

About the communist way of doing things.

They are taking away responsibility.

Then they are forcing you, this is my responsibility, not theirs.

As far as their responsibility is concerned. They won’t do anything to help you.

They will force you, they will support you by their constant force, a force to give up some of your western responsibilities so that you become a puppet.

Of course it’s not perceived this way.

English is capitalist.

English is not communist.

You cannot teach English with a communist approach.

Chinese schools and educational centers in China tend to prefer young teachers from communist era countries people as they tend to be more communist. The priority in Chinese Schools hiring foreigners is the culture, over skills. This is because the preservation of the race, tradition and the party prevails over profits. All must be sacrificed for the survival of the party.

There is definitely a prevalent communist-driven staff over middle aged people from capitalist countries in Chinese school. The average foreign teacher in China is about 26 year old.

Not because they are better than older, experienced teacher, but essentially because they are compelled to do what they are more than someone with a bit of experience.

So they make the chinese school managers feel in control. They are in control all right, to the depriment of their very children who are not learning what they need at school. Because a teacher that let himself be controlled cannot teach the keys to freedom. The keys to freedom, the concepts that let the student develop thinking abilities required to analyse and draw conclusion from texts, facts or events.

To remain capitalist in this kind of day to day environment with a blatant assertion to undermine any responsibility and tout the absurd as gospel is only the privilege to the one blessed with stubborness on the verge of madness.

It doesn’t without money but it works for me, I feel richer with it. At least I know how to function with it, independently of others, I am self reliant. For Chinese people being self-reliant is intrinsikly being a selfish devil. Same as being proactive, it's a danger to managers and other power at play, as they don't know what you are doing and that makes them very uncomfortable.

This communist de-facto conversion, is madness to cope with. The mindless are just taking away our rights to be responsible.

Now when Chinese students arrive in the United States to study, they are not prepared. They are waiting for people to teachers and faculty to tell them what to do and what to think. Basically rules. Chinese students and their familly expect that the American university will take them in charge. So there is this disconnect when the chinese student arrives in this university. They feel abandoned and alone. With limited human contact they end up going out with each other and create a Chinese bubble.

They have difficulty making friends as the process to make friends in China is very different than the process to make friends in the US. In other words the Chinese will make fun of you, that will be taken as an insult. Or another way, quite opposite, is that they will praise everything that you do or that you are. To the point where you will feel that they are either pulling your leg or need some serious reference point adaptation before they become more than a liability in everyday public situation.

They have no ability to do so, they are totally unprepared.

It’s not up the host university to prepare them , it’s up to the primary school to prepare them , then later, how to function into this world.

You can’t have the west and the east joining each other like that, you have to have junction points. Like a bridge, now where you attach the bridge on one side and the other might be very difficult to perceive.

It will definitely be a long bridge and curvy one. As the easy attachments, most direct and most confortable are not fit to join the east and the west.

To join them it needs to be joined so that responsibility are preserved on the west side, and so that community is preserved on the east side.

This is to say, within the same human being, that the man needs to be at the same time responsible and let go of his responsibility to the group. Obviously that is not possible at the same time.

Of course, the more an individual relies on the group to handle responsibilities, the more he will become dependent on the group.

The more he will take on responsibilities, the more he will be separate of the group.

Now in order to teach in China, so the Chinese students can have proper oversea education, need teachers that can understand these things, so he can teach them these things.

It’s very important for the teacher to teach about patriotism so the students know where they stand.

However the ambiguity is to teach them English without teaching them western cultures is uselessly trivial for their future studies. It will be more profitable to teach them less English and a bit of western values.

When I say western value I don’t say democracy, I insist on this as the communist party insists on associating both for political purposes of self-preservation. Not advocating democracy or even believing in it since delusions that it creates strong nations. Democracy can be the empowerment of the mediocre, which is ironically how Communist feels like. But leftist point of view is not all good for China, socialism as we know it is not part of China's values.

When China talks about socialism with chinese characteristics. It's talking about socialism without democracy.

After all China is populated by Chinese, Hans people is the majority. This majority is opressing every minority. Sucking them dry of their strength unconsciously, just as a daily unconscious daily social behavior.

Chinese can't think, can't reason to the extent, to the degree that we do in the west.

The only emotion that is socially accepted is a small smile. Anger is repressed, cries are forbidden.

Now China tries to distinguish from their similar asian neighbor which is getting a lot of political backlash for tuning up weapons of self-defense. The only country that is surviving saying no to our western stack of hypocrisy, lies and nonsense. The all mighty Savior of the human race will be killed on the cross, North Korea, the most misunderstood country after Cuba, ... scratch that, since late 2015 is now an official western base.

The power of the state creates very powerful people and drives creativity and productivity. Not the power of finance, the power of finance just creates separtion, more lies, hypocrisy and madness.

The power of the state has values and cultures.

The power of finance only relies on the sole objective, profitability and interests.

So when I say western values I mean the ability to think, extrapolate, reflect, retrospect, remember, analyse and comprehend. Now of course in essence that is what is taught in TEFL, SAT and other English tests.

The Chinese Communist Party wants his people to learn English, but at the same time wants them to not embrace western values. Well you do that with patriotism, so even if they embrace western values they do it safely remembering where they stand.

Now per say, SAT, TEFL and other internationally accredited tests are teaching critical thinking as a way to pass the test.

This is why Chinese students can only think of cheating, because there is no other way for them to succeed and cheating is easy for them, cheating, copying, is their prime conscious directive in any given situation.

They invented print for the sake of duplication, they have no power to create except to copy. The culture, restless, deprived of sleep, deprived of individuality, judgments, compassion and other western values, with time created a race of unconscious clones. When they they think creativity, they think copy. Their prime teacher, what we would call our God, confuscious, wrote that "copying" is the skill of the wise.

It gives westerners an idea of their grade, level and quality.

I have seen the chinese outsmart westerners. First of all they constantly put us on the defensive with their irrelevance in discussions.

Then they turn out on top as, in the mist of irrationality they will succeeed to find their way, unstopped, to their prime goal: get their way.

Confucius, again, said that getting what you want is what matters, regardless of how you get there.

In China if you show compassion, you will reveal you are Christian. I had taken it for a human value but it turns out to be an evident Christian one.

Christians are a threat to the Chinese government, that is the absolute God that takes care of all things and govern all lives.

But how to not teach critical thinking, of course you can teach them creative thinking, but undoubtedly critical thinking leads to democracy.

So personally and the Chinese government, both have to deal with this madness. This hypocrisy, these diaticrally opposed states of mind.

Will madness seize as two autonomous systems, a state not within a states, but like hong kong and China, one country, 2 systems.

Is is possible to achieve? You heard of the riots in Hong Kong and the repression on the Chinese mainland side in 2015 and 2016?

Not to mention the Tianamian square event back in the 20th century.

This madness will not stop unless both sides make concessions. And concessions cannot be made, so China’s mainland will have to preserve the state, which is the communist party. And Hong Kong will not concede their personal liberty , their personal freedoms, that are based on having responsibility.

Ironically why would anybody on earth would want more responsibility? Because it allows greater freedom.

With freedom comes great responsibilities said the African American humorist who lost a 20 million dollar contract, it’s also a line in Spiderman.

So how to handle all this madness?

How to achieve this state with 2 governemnts? Or rather This government with 2 systems. How will one develop while the other one suffers, can’t watch, can’t tolerate, can’t handle the disrespect, aggression, repression, sense of insecurity that will certainly develop panic attacks, that will certainly develop neurosys, that will certainly develop terror. Unbounded fear as the learning needs to take place.

How can we do that as a nation to support China become integrated in world’s power.

Right now there is an illusion of control. Things are doing well, they are not, the Western Giants like the United States are nervous, China is nervous. They are not showing their real feeling. Culturally the US will play it down and jokingly. Culturally China will play it like nothing is happening. They will actually play the same game.

One will play victim, one will play the aggressor, all pointing fingers at who started first.

So are we in the US-China relation recreating a Israel-Palestine setting where disputes will remain unresolved unless some will recognize their similarities.

Until both side of Hong Kong and Mainland recognize that Hong Kong is smaller but not the least. And the US is far away but not to be ignored just because the big China giant woke up, like a Lion waking up surrounded by gazelles sniffing his butt.

Will the Lion roar? Yes!

Will the gazelle be scared? Yes! Will the gazelle come back next time the Lion is sleeping? Undoubtedly.

Because the cycles of life, the Ying and Yang need each other to coexist.

Taiwan and Hong Kong need mainland China.

The US needs China.

China needs the Communist Party. That don’t need anything but itself to exist. It’s a matter of fact it can’t exist without blocking the western values and consciousness from entering its mainland.

So it protects itself through the Great firewall of China, through censure, through intimidation , repression.

It is a 3000 year old state. The US is a few centuries old.

The communist party of China wisely knows that they are here to stay with the same principles that has been holding their country together through 5000 great years,

How to condone this? They know the danger of the west, they know the west is desparate to attract more democracies, more slave workers working for corporations with no regard for States but profit.

Now China is wise, it tries to save people from themselves, but the people don’t want to be saved, they want excess and to live fully.

You can’t live fully when you are responsible for 5000 years of history.

So in this dichotomy there is this fight between Hong Kong and China.

There is this cold fight between the US and China. Ironically it’s a closed fight, so China has the initiative as the countander.

This will be resolved by war. Live everything else.

North Korea is showing the way. North Korea is defending itself against the whole world. To give them credits, most great foreign nations, the US and now China are condemning them.

China is playing a dangerous role, ideologically they are like China, it’s in their form that China has to condemn them. They are not fighting for ideology but for world recognition.

It is costing them difficult choice, they try to get into the groups of great countries, really, not just the guy in the group that nobody talks to because overweight and nobody know how to approach them. So they are trying to condemn their long time asian people neighbor. Their brothers in blood.

North Korea feels more isolated and betrayed. Most communications coming from North Korea is biased. They are economically under the gun. They are accused of a lot of ills. Ok they are fierce and bold. So much they scare the US government.

They don’t respect the US as they don’t trust them. And so it’s hard for the US to show any long term commitment to acceptance. They tried they said, they tried. Sure they did, but attached. Attached to change.

For my experience change only happens with detachment.

So of course if I was working for the US department of Defense I would certainly not take hopes and wishful thinking for my duty. But the media is too quick to sell stories to the cost of humanity’s cohesion.

So here I am telling you media, what media is, not political. Aware. Concepts does not take political sides or have an agenda to get its cut. Concepts is not a media. Concepts are here to help the human consciousness bring together. All of us. As the battle of the final frontier, that is not in space but within. Concepts will glue all of us together in harmony or in war. Let’s fight for what matters, not our sides, our countries or our states, but for our beingness.

Now that sounds like I John Lennon who was a dreamer. I am not. I tend to be idealistic but that just makes me miserable. So how to be rich? All of us?It’s impossible. We have to take sides. If all of us were rich they will be no rich.

So to take sides? Between a comfortable life of BS and a hardship life of bliss? North Korea is leading us. God… do we need you any more? People without state need religion, see John Lenon, I am not like you. If they need religion they are not really free.

So where to go with all this? Let the richest oppress the poor? There is no other choice. This is how a rich gets rich in the first place. You know the rich guy who started in his garage… this age old story that keeps repeating over and over.

I lived in the long time in the west, I don’t remember having a garage, that’ for rich people in the first place.

Why I do know is that projections are the name of the game between China, North Korea and The United States of America.

Europe watches, waiting for a real chance to get on top.

The true leader of this world remains the United States. They are not perfect but they sure lead. The Chinese will drive them crazy. Because they are not rational in their reasoning, that is a western value anyway. As a brain competency, Chinese are only good at analysis. Not thinking. So they can count fast and they can do things fast but

What Chinese have that us americans should be scared of is: they have great familly values. They have familly values that are strong, not nucleic, but wide to the extent of their race. Like the Jews they support each other against non-jews.

Are they exceptions? of course, with every rule.

Now with all this and all these colors and paradoxes I would not entrench myself into more cyclic contests and linear arguments. This will surely be our doom.

True freedom comes from the mind. The mind needs to move like water. In the future we might just might as well not think, become pure feeling and connect to the universal consciousness, traveling the past, the future, the worlds and remain who we are all at once. We would become it, all together, and here it is I am dreaming, like John Lennon.

But a while back, the concept of walking on the mooon was something that would make people smile.

So having big dreams work for some in any time of their life, that's the time to be a dreamer. Having a strong rule based mind work for some time in any time of their life, that's the time to be under dictatorship. Having strong greed is what banes most adults. Well, this is part of being human, the worst kind ever created. And at the same time, the one with unlimited possibilities. Would I exist without my body? well it's a stupid question, from biased concepts, the same concepts that appeal to the mind so much, like democracy. Can we just let them go, or be tempted by them opens us up to this world of .... well, wonders, then illusion.

So we are at the cusp of the age of aquarius. It'a going to look like we are dreaming, not just because of these new Virtual Reality headsets and other Artificial Intelligence Systems. We are going to be more glued to an illusion. The illuminati are really something.

It's Concepts that give us light, not the Chinese, not the AI, not the VR. Concepts.

Real Gods.
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