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In the context of human society, a family (from Latin: familia{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}) is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity (by recognized birth), affinity (by marriage), or co-residence (as implied by the etymology of the English word "family"<ref> [...] from Latin familia 'family servants, domestics collectively, the servants in a household,' thus also 'members of a household, the estate, property; the household, including relatives and servants,' abstract noun formed from famulus 'servant, slave [...]' . {{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }} </ref>) and/or shared consumption (see nurture kinship). Members of the immediate family includes spouses, parents, brothers, sisters, sons and/or daughters. Members of the extended family may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces and/or siblings-in-law.

In most societies, the family is the principal institution for the socialization of children. As the basic unit for raising children, anthropologists generally classify most family organization as matrifocal (a mother and her children); conjugal (a husband, his wife, and children; also called the nuclear family); avuncular (for example, a grandparent, a brother, his sister, and her children); or extended (parents and children co-reside with other members of one parent's family). Sexual relations among the members are regulated by rules concerning incest such as the incest taboo.

The word "family" is used metaphorically{{ safesubst:#invoke:Unsubst||$N=By whom |date=__DATE__ |$B= {{#invoke:Category handler|main}}[by whom?] }} to create more inclusive categories such as community, nationhood, global village and humanism.

The field of genealogy aims to trace family lineages through history.

Family is also an important economic unit studied in family economics.

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